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Online Restrictive Appraisal

Online Restrictive Appraisal

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Wanting to know what an item is worth? We can do that virtually for you with an online restrictive appraisal.  This appraisal is for your own edification and cannot be used for any other function other than personal information. The fee for online appraisals is $50.00 per item payable in advance via our website.

We have made this relatively easy. Simply pay the fee per item you wish to have appraised and send photographs to Photographs should show the entire piece, any markings and conditions issues along with dimensions. We will send you a market value restrictive appraisal within five working days.*

A restrictive appraisal cannot be used by a third party such as the IRS, insurance company or as a selling tool. Restrictive appraisals are for your individual planning, purchase and/or contemplated sale. The amount of information researched and reported is limited.    


Online appraisals are based on critical assumptions by the appraiser, and if proven to be incorrect could render the value conclusion inaccurate. 

Remember that a virtual appraisal is less reliable than a physical inspection by a qualified appraiser.  Should you want a physical inspection and a written appraisal for another purpose please contact the office 630-665-5200 x 2 to set an appointment with Judith Please know that onsite appraisals are billed a different rate.  

If you are looking to sell your items through consignment, our appraisal fee is included in our commission. Email with pictures, measurements, and manufacturer or artist. Prices will not be given based on pictures.

*All online appraisals comply with the ISA Report Writing Standard and Code of Ethics along with the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice and delivered electronically only, within five working days.

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