The Perfect Thing, Inc. offers Personal Property Appraisals for many functions.

Judith Martin is a Certified Appraiser of Personal Property through the International Society of Appraisers, the largest personal property appraisal association in the country. She is a past President of the Board of Directors for the ISA. She is the past Appraisal Studies Committee Chairman as well as the lead instructor for the CORE course in Appraisal Theory and a co-writer of the student manual. Kate Martin is an Accredited Appraiser of Personal Property and a member of the International Society of Appraisers.

Wanting to know what an item is worth? We can do that virtually for you with an online restrictive appraisal.  This appraisal is for your own edification and cannot be used for any other function other than personal information. The fee for online appraisals is $50.00 per item payable in advance via our website. Click here to get started!
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Both women are generalist appraisers with a broad range of specialties.  Judith is also an Accredited Fine Art Appraiser having fulfilled the ISA Fine Art requirements.   There is not a GIA gemologist on staff, but one can be recommended if needed.

There is a fee for appraisal services, whether it be hourly or by contracted agreement. Please contact The Perfect Thing, Inc. for fee structure and availability. The ladies can also conduct a verbal approximation of value for those not needing a formal written appraisal.

  • Estate Tax Liability
  • Selling/Buying
  • Insurance
  • Equitable Distribution
  • Casualty Claims
  • Collateral
  • Divorce
  • Bankruptcy

Contact us at (630) 665-5200 for more information about appraisals.
Why Personal Property Appraisals are Important 
"Sizing Up the Value Of an Art Collection" by Mark Stein
Why Choose an ISA Appraiser 
Too often and too late, people find out that the appraisals they have are inaccurate or misleading, resulting not only in greater risk to themselves but also in an annual waste of millions of consumer dollars. A competent appraiser helps you manage financial risk."- International Society of Appraisers